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Let’s Eat Grandma – “I, Gemini”

In all honesty, I had no idea what to expect coming from a group named “Let’s Eat Grandma,” but in all honestly I was incredibly impressed with this record. I guess my first mistake was doubting that PIAS would release anything less than awesome. These girls are a duo from Norfolk who have been best […]

Deerhoof – “The Magic”

Longtime noise-pop virtuosos Deerhoof are back with their latest studio album The Magic. To be honest, I didn’t think these guys would be able to make as good of a followup record to an amazing album such as La Isla Bonita, but I ended up enjoying this album an awful lot. The thing I love about Deerhoof is they […]

Young the Giant – “Home of the Strange”

Young the Giant are a rock band hailing from Irvine, CA and they are a group I have been a fan of for quite some time! Last year, I caught them at Osheaga and they performed an absolutely killer set, and I will be going to see them again next month, so I was incredibly […]

Ben Millburn – “Local Honey”

Louisiana born and Austin raised Ben Millburn is back with his second EP in a 2 Ep series, and he really left no room for error on this one. This EP has only 4 tracks, and is just barely about twenty minutes or so, and each track has sparse arrangements and and minimalistic production. The […]

Loveyou – “Sparkle & Crush”

Loveyou is a band that is fronted by Andrew Stogel, and Sparkle & Crush is their debut album. The album is in a rather shoe-gazey realm of dream-pop. Although the hooks may be dark and majestic, the hazy shoegaze atmosphere brings an odd sense of enlightenment.The tracklist itself is rather short, at only eight tracks, it offers an […]

High Waisted – “On Ludlow”

High Waisted is a band hailing from NYC, whose music is just as silly as the band themselves. Their music is loud and fun, and based on the descriptions that I have read about these guys, they like to party and be wild. Personally, although I do think their surf-rock tinged dream-pop is exciting at […]

Katie Dey – “Flood Network”

Katie Dey is a recording artist hailing from down under (Australia) and she emulates a lot of the hazy psychedelic sound that her Australian contemporaries have. This is not a bad thing by any means though. Dey’s vocal’s are incredibly ethereal and they perfectly collide with the discordant instrumentals to create a piercing sense of […]

Chris Staples – “Golden Age”

Chris Staples is a singer/songwriter hailing from the deep southern part of the United States known as Pensacola, FL and Staples has been making music for over twenty years now. Golden Age is Staples’ sixth studio album, and it’s easily his most ambitious project I myself have ever heard. It’s a very personal record that very […]

The Shelters – “The Shelters”

The Shelters are a relatively new band that formed last year, and this self-titled record is their debut studio album. The band began recording this record when Tom Petty caught one of their live sets, and was so impressed by their performance that he gave them the keys to his home studio, which is pretty […]

Daniel Romano – “Mosey”

Daniel Romano is a singer/songwriter who bears a very similar resemblance to Bob Dylan, both physically and sonically. On his fifth studio album Mosey, Romano (in typicaly Dylan fashion) relies on classic country flourishes to build simple and emotionally powerful songs that seemingly look into the great beyond. Although it’s clear that he borrows a lot of […]

River Tiber – “Indigo”

River Tiber is the monkier of Canadian singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Tommy Paxton-Beesley, and his newest album Indigo pushes the boundaries of R&B and hip-hop production into some unusual places. His vocal delivery is sometimes pitched to sound reminiscent of Mariah Carey, and sometimes he multi-tracks his voice into a dozen ghost-choruses to make it sound like a mixture of […]

Michael Franti & Spearhead – “Soulrocker”

My first taste of Mr. Michael Franti came back in the day with that one hit single that was played all over the radio that one Summer, and I honestly had no idea that this dude was still doing other stuff until I received this album at the station. After giving it a listen, I […]

Ladyhawke – “Wild Things”

New Zealand’s own Pip Brown (who is primarily known by her stage name, Ladyhawke) has been making music for about fifteen years now, and she typically takes between four years to craft her albums, and Wild Things is no exception. I am someone who personally believes in quality over quantity, so if a band is going to […]

Hot Panda – “Bad Pop”

Hot Panda is a Canadian indie-rock band that has been at it since 2006, and Bad Pop is their third studio album. Compared to the band’s previous efforts, this album is a lot heavier and dynamic. Throughout the tracklist, the band shifts psych-punk norms to make highly self-concious, cheeky, and sometimes nihilistic music that is heavily wrought […]

Health&Beauty – “No Scare”

Health&Beauty (yes, there is actually NO SPACE between their name. It was confusing for me, too) is a band hailing from Chicago, and these guys have been putting in work for a while, but this album is my first taste of their music. No Scare is really hard to define genre-wise, but it is definitely an instrumentally […]

The Gotobeds – “Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic”

The Gotobeds are a band hailing from the city that hosts my favorite NFL team, Pittsburgh, PA and their latest album title blatantly rips off the title of my favorite album from my favorite band (the Red Hot Chili Peppers), but regardless of the name biting, it’s a pretty solid album (but do you really […]

Flamingods – “Majesty”

Since the band debuted roughly four years ago, Flamingods have released three studio albums, so they have been putting in work in the studio, and their latest album Majesty may be their most ambitious record yet. The band has taken their sound in a new direction with multi-layered production that is paired with blissful psych-rock, and it […]

Haley Bonar – “Impossible Dream”

Haley Bonar is a Canadian indie-folk singer, and Impossible Dream is her sixth studio album, and personally I think it is her best work yet. Not only did she self-produce this whole album herself, but each of the tracks on this album have amazing storytelling discussing such topics such as sexuality, lost youth, teenage parenthood, and the […]

Bjork – “Vulnicura Live”

Before the release of last year’s Vulnicura, I never really considered myself a fan of Bjork, but that album was absolutely stellar both conceptually and sonically. This album is songs from Bjork’s previous efforts, just performed live. For Bjork, this album really shows that not only can she craft amazing studio music, but she can execute performances of […]

AJJ – “The Bible 2”

You may know AJJ by their former (and undeniably better) former moniker, Andrew Jackson Jihad, and The Bible 2 is their latest follow-up to their last record Christmas Island which I personally wasn’t too fond of. This new album is the bands most ambitious yet, and it still possesses the gritty and scuzzy folk-punk sound that the band is […]

Ages and Ages – “Something to Ruin”

Ages and Ages are a rock band hailing from Portland, Oregon and Something to Ruin is the band’s third studio album. Compared to their previous efforts, this album adds an element of inorganic instrumentation, and it really works for the band. The band embraces artificial textures and synthetic sounds and it really enhances the grooviness of the […]

Zack Lopez – “Bloodlines”

Zack Lopez is one half of the alternative rock band Middle Class Rut (who I was lucky enough to catch open for AWOLNATION at Higher Ground back in 2012) and Bloodlines is his debut solo album. Contrary to his work in Middle Class Rut, Lopez’s vocal delivery on this album is a lot less intense, but his […]

Young Mister – “Young Mister”

Young Mister is the moniker of songwriter Steven Fiore with the help of a merry band of many talented musicians that come from all across the southeast United States. This album takes influences from a lot of classic rock bands like ELO, but it embodies the ethos of Americana while retaining the distinct, soulful sound. […]

The Wans – “Run Baby Run”

The Wans are a Nashville alternative rock group who has been touring extensively over the past few years with bands such as Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone Age, and even acts like Beck, and you can really tell that the influence from these groups really rubs off on these guys. This EP is rather […]

Weaves – “Weaves”

Weaves are a Toronto based art-rock band, and they are becoming one of the most interesting DIY acts coming out of the six right now. Their self-titled album showcases the group’s driven ethos of experimentation, that results in ebullient art-rock amalgamations that are truly hard to determine what genre they fit into. Guitars screech and […]