Mean Jeans- Tight New Dimension

Mean JeansTight New Dimension
Fat Wreck Chords
Release date: 2016Apr22
Rating: 2.5/5

Mean Jeans hail form the Pacific Northwest with their brand of party punk. Promo material tries to build them up to the league of the Ramones but I’m not so sure. “Long Dumb Road” has a scratchy, catchy lo-fi feel. “Croozin'” is infectiously poppy, heavily reminiscent of Screeching Weasel or The Queers. Tracks I dug include “2 Far Out 4 Me”, “4 Coors Meal” and “Are There Beers in Heaven?” I’m not impressed otherwise. Some bands are better off playing live. Not a bad album if you’re looking for something dumb and fun.

FCC: No lyrics available
Try: 1,3,8,12

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