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Anoushka Shankar – Land Of Gold (Deutsche Grammophon)

A brilliant new expression of the musical genius of Ravi Shankar’s daughter, in extensive collaboration with Manu Delgado (featured on Hang & percussion), & contributions by M.I.A, Vanessa Redgrave, & others (Alev Lenz, vocs; Sanjeev Shankar, shehnai; Larry Grenadier, bass; Caroline Dale, cello, etc.). The contributions of Anoushka’s sitar are sometimes subtle but always gorgeous. […]

Lakou Mizik – Wa Di Yo (Cumbancha)

A collective of Haitian musicians formed after the 2010 earthquake. The music, like Haiti, is a fusion; one hears South African call & response, French vocals & accordion reminiscent of Quebecois folk, & relatedly, strands of New Orleans Zydeco. The band’s name, Lakou is the word for a holy place in the Voodoo religion. A […]

Sidestepper – Supernatural Love (Real World)

Call it neo-Afro-Caribbean? The band started in the 90s as a collaboration between Peter Gabriel’s studio engineer, Richard Blair, & musicians in Bogota, Colombia. They were pioneers in electro-cumbia, but this recording turns to traditional instruments to capture a new version of the Neo-Afro-Caribbean vibe. Again put together by Richard Blair, and featuring the fine […]

Ceu – Tropix (Six Degrees)

From São Paulo, Brazilian superstar Maria do Céu Whitaker Poças moves in a new direction yet again. Not Tropicália as title might suggest, though there are elements of that, but something she calls “Pixelado.” The music has been fragmented, then reconstructed with each element retaining its own crispness; its own identity, like a pixel. It […]


Drummer/Composer leads excellent trio on this debut effort for ECM. Spacious and subtle original songs that are beautiful,dark and introspective. Ches also plays vibraphone & timpani. Greg Taborn(piano) Matt Maneri(viola) round out the trio. Great modern/creative music.     (dc)


One the most impressive/respected drummers in modern jazz is back again with another ambitious and mysterious outing. Dan combines jazz,indian music,classical,prog rock and other influences to put together this musical landscape. The basis of theses compositions are the transcribed rhythmic passages from the great jazz drummers that were an influence to him. An impressive effort […]


Pianist and his long-time rhythm section join forces with the soulful saxophonist Seamus Blake for his third origin recording. Vibrant and well crafted original cuts allow the group to focus on the emotion of each song weather up tempo or ballad.     (dc)


Saxophonist teams up with some of the best jazz players on 10 original compositions. The excellent interplay gives the feel that these guys have been playing together for some time. Victor Garcia stands out on trumpet. Carlos is part of the faculty at Florida A&M       (dc)


Kenny and his trio are in excellent form throughout this album that includes 7 original numbers and joyous dedications to Monk and Charlie Haden. Kenny has recorded as a leader and sideman on countless albums since the  1960’s. Recorded with Dizzy, Booker Ervin, Elvin Jones, Yusef Lateef, James Moody just to scratch the surface. One […]


6th release as a leader for Benin born guitarist/composer. Moved to Ivory Coast and continued his studies and also studied at the American School of Music in Paris. Earned a degree in Jazz Performance from Berkeley College of Music in 2000. A wonderful performer who does not overplay. He continues to showcase his excellent musical […]


Debut effort from swedish born vocalist/composer. Emma recorded two albums in Europe that were an indication of her writing skills. She relocated to NYC in 2011 and has put together a fine band for this program 7 of the 9 cuts are original pieces.  (dc)

Gerard Pape — Harmonies (Mode)

The first track, “Harmonies of Form and Time” is a dense mass of notes wandering, for six chamber orchestras and six soloist. The second track, “Harmonies of Time and Timbre,” thins it out a bit without losing the sense of be-wanderment.

Jane Rigler — Rarefactions (Neuma)

Rigoler employs improvisation as the seed of her compositions. These works, mostly for or containing flute, explore a sonic textures related to the breath and recording production techniques. Great skittering chaos, gentle and insistent.

Tristan Perich — Parallels (Physical Editions)

Perich’s gently crispy electronics pair so perfectly with triangles and hi-hat. The percussive attack, subtle tone melding into the nature of his signature electronic sound is very satisfying. Which is good, because this is 45 minutes long.

Tristan Perich — Active Field (Physical Editions)

A stereo recording of a piece intended for 10 violins and 10 speakers arrayed in an arc. Simple, fluttering textures that eventually yield to a plain and undecorated, though still beautiful, melodic fragment. The electronic track makes no attempt to meld or hide itself among the violins. A cheery, chirpy friend that takes over about halfway through, […]

Luc Ferrari, Brunhild Ferrari, Vincent Royer — Éphémère…(mode)

Three pieces for tape and viola or chamber ensemble and tape. Tape parts are great collections of field recordings and concrete sounds: mangled text, helicopters, the sea, weather, atmospheres. The result is intriguing and cinematic.

Roxy Coss — Restless Idealism (Origin)

Solid ensemble playing in this collection of standards-style compositions. Pleasant saxophone tone while not dominating the group. Charts push boundaries just enough to add interest without getting too challenging to follow. Play: Perspective (4), The Story of Fiona (8), Waiting (2)

Kamasi Washington — The Epic (Brainfeeder)

Long, open, electric, atmospheric, with groove. An aptly titled disk. Play all.

Ryan Huber-Kanab

Ryan Huber returns this time with a three track album titled Kanab. The music is Drone Ambient with Huber’s usual effects of hissing, scrapings and field recordings with a steady, hypnotic beat. Another superb effort from this artist. Tracks: All Good

The Range-Potential

Potential is an album from artist The Range. The album is based on early YouTube snippets of up and coming artists “expressing themselves unfettered by the constraints of the industry”. The music itself has a Bass Music vibe to it with elements of Hip Hop, Electro Pop and R&B with vocals provided by these previously […]

Una-Hiss For The Fly

The group Una’s most recent release is titled Hiss For The Fly. The music has a Trip Hop feel with elements of Jazz, Blues, Funk and Soul. Something a little bit different but it does kind of hooks you in. RIYD: Ducky Tracks: 2,4,6

Mood Robot-The Story We Tell Ourselves

The Story We Tell Ourselves is the latest from Mood Robot. The music has a Synth Pop vibe similar to Chvrches. The music has been described as having “echoing synths, driving beats and an uplifting atmospheric charm”. RIYD: Chvrches Tracks: 2,5,6 FCC: 4


Seattle duo, Cock & Swan have done the soundtrack to choreographer Kate Wallich’s dance performance piece, Splurge Land. The music is a departure from the lush Dream Pop they usually create but the duo has never shied away from experimenting and many of their remixed tracks have a more electronic sound. Here the music is […]

Underworld-Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future

Underworld is back this time with an album titled Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future. The music is mostly upbeat and has a party vibe to it with a few slow track to balance things out. Even though they have been making music for over twenty years I find it a little hard to […]


Starwalker is the combination of artists Jean-Benoit Dunckel (Air, Tomorrow’s World) and Bardi Johannsson (Bang Gand, Lady & Bird). The music is a mix of Indie Rock with a Synth Pop backdrop. The music feels a little cheesy to me and a tad bland as well. Tracks: 1,9