Eliza Rickman-FOOTNOTES FOR THE SPRING (Self-Released)

The second full length album  from Eliza Rickman which showcases her hauntingly high voice that carries such a sweetness to it while always having a touch of sadness tucked somewhere deep within. Diverse arrangements highlighted by Jason Webley’s strings are accompanied by a multitude of other instruments from a vast array of musicians, giving each song a full and unique backdrop to her well written poetic lyrics. Nostalgia, heartache and innocence lost, are reoccurring themes throughout the album. Those themes and others are exemplified in one of the album’s best tracks  ‘All Our Angels’ – “The heart is a virtue no one can hold to, be it too narrow/mine is your island, a haven divided, my little sparrow/ All of my angels have left me, when all of your angels have left you”. Another one of my favorites with similar lyrical tones is the mournful song ‘Now and Then’-  “Oh to be young again,blood is on my hands/oh to be loved again, I’d give you my best laid plan”, which she sings passionately over a beautiful violin arrangement and the sound of a marching soldier’s snare drum. The chorus then says,Cos if the road to hell is paved with our intentions, it’s a fine way to love/but if the hand you deal is hidden in your back pocket, don’t you dare come around”.  She ends the album with an interesting version of Bob Dylan’s ‘She Belongs To Me’, set over an auto-harp, accordion, whistling, horns and percussion.  Overall a nice album from a confident singer and very gifted songwriter.

Tracks: 4,1,3,11,8,10.

FCC: Clean

RIYL: Kate Bush, Amanda Palmer, Joni Mitchell, Bitter Ruins, Andrew Bird.



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