B’lieve I’m Going Down-KURT VILE (Matador)

A more acoustic and ethereal effort than Vile’s last release. The whole album expertly plays at the contrast between light music and dark lyrical content and how Vile can blend those aspects like paint on a palette to show light in dark topics and darkness in light music. It’s an album that touches on many topics, but a prevailing theme is religion. In Vile’s lyrics though there are still those moments where even the heaviest of topics don’t carry as much weight as imagined. Each song’s laid-back format offers great support to Vile’s vocals that never grow louder than a head-phoned, Metallica-rocking patron at the library with a statement to make. It is a really pretty album that also showcases Vile’s excellent guitar-playing and picking.

TRACKS: 1,2,3,5,6,8,11

RIYL: Bright Eyes, The National, The War on Drugs

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