Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats- The Night Creeper

Uncle Acid & The DeadbeatsThe Night Creeper
Release date: 2015Sept04
Label: Rise Above Records
Rating: 4/5

I’m hyped about this new release from Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats because I loved Mind Control. This newer release is a companion to the latter that draws from their back catalog. “Waiting For Blood” and  “Pusher Man” are soft, ominous numbers that sound like decent outtakes from their last release. “Murder Nights” and “Melody Lane” creep up on the ears with each step, knife behind the back, eyes glazed over. “Yellow Moon” has somber vocals set against a lush, bucolic landscape. Don’t you dare cross the path of “The Night Creeper”, lest you find yourself lost and ripe for the taking. The “thump thump” of the drums and bloodthirsty vocals of “Inside” conspire to leave you in a trance. “Slow Death” drags on, leading to the “Black Motorcade” toward the throes of death. Longtime fans will enjoy The Night Creeper.I personally recommend Mind Control for newer listeners.

FCC: Check, lyrics not available
Try: 2,5,7,8


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