Grown Up, Fucked Up-REATARDS (Goner Records)

Jay Reatard is one of the more prolific garage punk writers that ever lived. Though only one song comes close to reaching the conventional 3-minute song standard, these songs are filled with energy. The topics presented in each song are coming from the mind of an 18-year old and that is apparent, with songs ranging from sex to girlfriends to some darker topics of rage and violence. The energy in each song is really what draws the listener in as the lyrics are typically hard to discern with the distorted guitar and thrashing drums being played at breakneck speed. While fans of Jay Reatard’s later Brit-pop oriented songs may be disappointed, fans of garage rock and punk will receive enough pleasure to drown out the disappointed.

FCC: 1,3,5,6,8,10,12

TRACKS: 16,2,11,9,4,19,7

RIYL: Ty Segall, Wavves, Cloud Nothings, King Khan & BBQ Show

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