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Debussy & Ravel–Piano Trios

Two Impressionist composers’ pieces-lovely, play most!

Rontgen, Rousseau & Tinel–Music for Piano Four Hands

The Mephisto Duo performs works from 1876 or 1938 from Belgian composers. Rontgen’s particularly melodic. Play!

J.S. Bach–The Six Suites for Cello Solo for guitar

Bach’s lovely cello suites transcribed for guitar. Play! Liner notes do not specify tracks in each suite.

Stephan Shewan–Orchestral & Instrumental Music

Highly varying works for wind duet (horn, trumpet or clarinet with piano) or wind ensemble/orchestra. Quiet, melodic or jazzy, or oompah. Duets very nice!


Pretty quintessential, yet older, alt-folk-rock from Wilco.  It sounds, though, like the band went into the studio with 12 songs that they pared down to 11 rather than going in with, say 30, and picking the top choices.  Still a solid sound from a favorite dad rock band. RIYL: Tweedy, Lowell Thompson, Ryan Adams, Wilco | Play: […]

T. Hardy Morris & The Hardknocks // Drownin’ On A Mountaintop

Drownin’ On A Mountaintop can best be described as “Backwoods Grunge.”  A mostly mellow album, with guitars that will remind you of an old Johnny Cash tune or other country tunes, this album possesses a firm southern rock feel. Morris’ voice reminds of Cobain often but he’s still working out the kinks lyrically. The slower […]

Rozwell Kid // Too Shabby

Rozwell Kid’s Too Shabby evokes a mid 90’s rock era feeling, most notably, drawing comparisons to early Weezer. Rocking guitars, drums, and vocals keep Rozwell Kid planted firmly inside the rock genre, with an angsty pop-punk sound that sounds familiar yet original at the same time. They take time to slow it down on a few tracks, […]

Skylab-#1,#2-1999: Large as Life and Twice as Natural

Skylab’s first and second albums, titled #1 and #2 1999: Large as Life and Twice as Natural have been re-released. Skylab were pioneers in this genre along with Massive Attack and Portishead. The Skylab sound though is not quite as structured as those other bands and #1 has a deconstructed Trip Hop sound with a […]

Seven Davis Jr.-Universes

Debut from artist Seven Davis Jr. is titled Universes. The music is a mix of Disco, Funk and Soul and has an experimental quality to it that gives it a funky yet fun feel to the tracks. RIYD: Peven Everett, George Clinton Tracks: 3,4,5,8,10

Roisin Murphy-Evil Eyes Single

Evil Eyes is a single from Roisin Murphy. The single contains the original edit plus five remixes. The original edit has a Synth Dance feel with some good bass guitar backing up the track. The remixes are also Dance based with some variety including Berlin Techno, Dub House, and Disco Dance. The tracks are all […]

Jean-Michel Jarre-Remix Ep I

Remix Ep I is basically a mix tape from Jean–Michel Jarre. Jarre has collaborated with Gesaffelstein, M83, Tangerine Dream and few others on this collection. The music ranges from IDM to EDM to and Disco Dance. There’s a nice mix of genres here and if this is volume one there will surely be more good […]

Etienne de Crecy-Smile Remixes

Smile Remixes by Etienne de Crecy contains eight tracks with the original edit plus seven remixes. The original edit has a Disco Dance vibe with Hip Hop vocals and the remixes have a similar Disco Dance along with Techno, House and EDM. Tracks: All Good

DJAO-Screwmixes II

Screwmixes II is a remix album from DJAO. The music has an Ambient R&B vibe with some retro 80’s synth and Vangelis like Jazz mixed in. Tracks: 1,2 FCC:4

The Chemical Brothers-Born In Echoes

The Chemical Brothers have returned, this time with an album titled Born In Echoes. The album isn’t as Big Beat and glitchy as previous albums but is still upbeat and frenetic EDM. There are several guests including Q-Tip, St. Vincent, Ali Love, Beck and Cate Le Bon who lend their own artistic touches to the […]


The opener has a bit of Brit-pop influence and it makes this album different than the Oberhofer people may remember. The songs aren’t quite as dreamy but has more bite and heavier drum fills. There is a pop punk influence as well with what seems like lots of power chords but also more orchestral sounds. […]

Weirdo Shrine-LA LUZ(Hardly Art)

Psychedelic beach rock equal part Dick Dale and the Doors. The songs sound like Halloween on the beach with haunting backing vocals coming off as distant surf ghosts and the tone of the guitars and waves of feedback add to the surf tones. Overall it is a cool sound that is deeply rooted in the […]

St. Catherine-DUCKTAILS (Domino)

The opening instrumental “The Disney Afternoon” really places you in the world of St. Catherine and brings you into the mindset for the rest of this record with its calming keyboards and dreamy guitar strums. The addition of vocals allows for deeper diving into this world of sounds that Ducktails has constructed. There are certainly […]

Seraph-Mas Ysa(Downtown)

The music is aggressive but somehow it is very soothing. It is a weird experience listening to this record as my first instinct when faced with loud noises and pounding drums is to lower the volume, but this record is different where it uses the large sounds to create manageable musical experiences and really allows […]

Another One-MAC DEMARCO (Captured Tracks)

With the signature twangy guitar tones just dressing the simple, yet elegant melodies that put you in a good mood. The flow from verse to chorus remains so seamless and the lyrics continue to play at the tricky point of broadness and deep observations of the daily life and love. There is clear jazz club […]

Ludovico Einaudi – Taranta Project (Ponderosa Music)

Composer/pianist Ludovico Einaudi here blends the traditional south Italian taranta  (a hypnotic sort of music/dance said to cure tarantula bites!) with Turkish and North African sounds — really interesting results! Among other guests, Malian kora master Ballake Sissoko makes an appearance. Some tracks are real stompers. If you like, check another Ponderosa taranta-themed release: that by […]

Claude Debussy–Starry Night (Preludes Book I & Other Works)

Known as an Impressionist, highly lyrical composer, some of these pieces show quite a bit a vigour and tempestuousness, although most are beautifully flowing. Play!

George Crumb Edition Vol. 17

Both traditional and modern, these pieces are predominantly voice with instruments. Trk 2 is flute & percussion. Interesting music!

Jurg Frey

Mostly minimalist works for string quartet or sax quartet. Trks 6 + 8 more variable rhythmically.

Introspective Odyssey

Three composers all from the early 1900’s (Britten, Turina & Sibelius) but varying in style. Play most!

Kenneth Leighton–Complete Chamber Works for Cello

Modern works (1940’s –1980’s) for cello & piano, with tension, stress and lyricism.