Sticky Fingers – Land of Pleasure

Label: StiFi

Sticky Fingers are a band from Australia who have become very popular in their native country and now looking to make it here in the America! Land of Pleasure is their sophomore album that was originally released in 2014, but now they are promoting it in the U.S. Electronic rock with a very strong reggae influence. In some ways, they are a revival of the late 90’s, right down to the goofy looking guy on the cover. Not sure if the world is ready for that yet. Vocally reminds me of The Kooks, especially on “Liquorlip Loaded Gun”, while the songs that go heavier on the reggae like “Fake a Smile” or “Dreamland” are more like The Dirty Heads. The most unique song on the album is “Just For You” with its cool guitars, keyboard arpeggios and a block-rockin’ beat reminiscent of the Chemical Brothers or the Crystal Method. This album is more along the lines of the music you’ll hear on the commercial “Modern Rock” stations but with a bit of an independent streak and lo-fi charm. This certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re the kind of band that doesn’t care what critics think of them and has fun making the kind of music they want to make, and I respect them for that.

Play: 2, 6, 7, 9, 11

FCC: 3, 5

RIYL:  The Dirty Heads, Sir Sly, The Kooks, The Neighbourhood

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