Pentagram – Curious Volume

PentagramCurious Volume
Release date: 2015Aug28
Label: Peaceville

Life tends to foist surprises unto you with little warning, such as a new Pentagram release! “Lay Down and Die” wags its’ finger at you, taunting you with fast  licks. “The Tempter Push” is a 60’s blues-tinged trip  with commanding drums. “Earth Flight” is a distorted psychedelic stomper. Liebling’s demented voice shines on the title track, full of dark riffs and amazing licks. I don’t think that they’ve ever sounded this fucking good. “Misunderstood” breaks into a surf ditty at 1:40. “Sufferin'” kills with sinister guitar-bass interplay every step of the way. Curious Volume blows Last Rites out of the fucking water.

FCC: Clean
Try: 1, 2,4,7,9

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