Black Mountain-BLACK MOUNTAIN (Jagjaguwar)

Rock n’ roll being revisited. There are vocal back and forths that give the vibe of a live show; there are big solos that climax in hushed vocal harmonies. The sound is swampy and builds around blues riffs. You could call it musical regifting with the band’s use of old sounds reimagined in this new work that makes it feel completely new. There are groovy songs that make you want to sit back and forget about the review you’re writing just to nod you’re head and tap your foot, but I have to keep writing so the bass line gives me the rhythm and good vibes I need to power through. That is how magical this music is!

TRACKS: 1,3,4—Check out the second disc of demos,etc.

RIYL: Rolling Stones, My Morning Jacket, Foxygen

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