For The Town-SONREAL (Capitol)

Canada has shed its puffy jacket as the “nice country up north” to reveal a bullet-proof vest with a red maple leaf over their heart. With Drake repping the 6, Sonreal’s new album is full of references to some of the most frequent topics of rap albums; there are drugs, girls, self-importance, pop culture references, and they all join forces over booming basses and snare hits. The songs are mixed between woozy, slow jams and banging trap beats. There are highlights of the album and Sonreal is not someone to toss aside just because of geographic location, he has a good idea of where to take songs which turns the whole album into a complete piece instead of a bunch of snippets.

TRACKS: 2,3,4,6,7


RIYL: Hoodie Allen, El-P, Childish Gambino, Yelawolf

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