Valkyrie – Shadows


Release date: 2015May12
Label: Relapse
Rating: 5/5

Valkryie is a four-piece formed in 2002 featuring Alan Fary (bass), Warren Hawkins (drums), Peter Adams (guitar/vox) and Jake Adams (guitar/vox). “Mountain Stomp” opens with solid organic hooks that channel Black Sabbath. “Golden Age” is the yin to the yang of “Shadow of Reality”, the former a righteous stomper, the latter a sleepy plodder. “Carry On” just feels so right, evoking Led Zeppelin with a seamless flow of melody. “(Echoes) Of The Way We Live” delivers an epic soundscape that conjures images of rolling mountains set against the lake, a beer in one hand, joint in the other, hair blowing in the wind. Shadows is a top contender for the best of 2015 and my personal top 5 of the proto-doom genre.

FCC: Clean
Try: All, especially 6
RIYL: Orchid, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Dead Man, Norrsken, Horisont

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