Shehehe- Rock & Roll Queen

Rock & Roll Queen
Release date: 2015Mar20
Label: Fall Break Records
Rating: 4.5/5

Rock & Roll Queen is the latest release from Athens, GA party punks Shehehe. The title track opens with rolling drums and catchy vox mated with surf riffs. I dont’ know about you but “Live My Life” makes me want to bounce around. “Teenager” rages at your ears with an amazing chugga-chugga drum effect. I can’t explain it but “Happy Daze” sounds a lot like NOFX or Screeching Weasel in spots, though not as infectious. “Well Hung Over” projects a lo-fi early punk vibe. “Gimme” lives up to the promise of catchiest track. Rock & Roll Queen is an excellent blast from the past when bands weren’t worried about image as much as having fun. Check it out!

FCC: 1,2,8,9,10
Try: 1,3,4,8,11,12

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