Monthly Archives: April 2015

Bob Moses-All In All

All in All is the latest from the duo known as Bob Moses. The music is a mix of Minimal Techno and Alternative Dance with some similarities to Broken Bells and Jon Hopkins. The music has a smooth mid-tempo groove that will get your fingers snapping and your toes tapping. RIYD: Jon Hopkins, Broken Bells […]

E1sbar-Super Fantasy

Super Fantasy is an album from Es1bar (pronounced Icebear). The music has a smooth yet peppy Alternative Dance vibe and Piper Davis provides bubbly, ethereal vocals. Similar to Phantogram or Little Dragon the music is groovy and fun to listen to. RIYD: Phantogram, Little Dragon Tracks: 2,3,5,7

Squarepusher-Damogen Furies

The latest from Squarepusher is an album titled Damogen Furies. The artist has expanded his sonic repertoire, ditching his signature Electro-Jazz sound for a glitch Drum&Bass sound instead. You can still hear Squarepusher’s Jazz influenced essence, though, in the tracks but the glitch gets to be a little too much at times. Squarepusher is always […]

Miami Horror- All Possible Future

All Possible Futures is the latest from the Australian group Miami Horror. The music is peppy Pop Dance with some Disco Dance and Indie Dance undercurrents. The music is upbeat and sunny, perfect for these warm spring days. RIYD: Flight Facilities, The Presets Tracks: 1,4,5,8,13

Cuushe-Night Lines

The latest release from Japanese artist Cuushe is titled Night Lines. The music is dreamy mix of “uptempo” Downtempo with an R&B flair. The artist vision for this album was Tokyo at night and the music definitely fits that description. It’s haunting an exotic yet has a metro feel to it. RIYD: TokiMonsta, Fetal Pulse […]

myriam gendron – not so deep as a well (mama bird)

montreal-based singer-songwriter myriam gendron relied not on her own words for this album but on the words of blacklisted civil rights activist and writer dorothy parker.  the album benefits from parker’s melancholic and visual poetry, all set to sparse fingerpickings and delivered in gendron’s disciplined, warm voice.  there is only subtle variation between tracks, making it […]

mitski – bury me at makeout creek (don giovanni)

third LP from SUNY purchase grad and brooklyn-dweller mitski miyawaki.  specific, poetic and lonely lyrics with swelling choruses are a hallmark– all angsty and defiant, with a dark sense of humor and measured vulnerability.  the mix between mournful acoustic segments and distorted garage rock wailings makes for a great ride– it’s like bikini kill crashing into a joni […]

Constant Bop- Bop English (Downtown Records)

Coming from the lead singer of White Denim, this album could serve as a snack to hold White Denim fans’ hunger for a follow-up to Corsicana Lemonade of 2013. The songs are not as guitar-driven and blues-y as the singer’s other group plays, but the sound is familiar to anyone that has heard a White Denim song. […]

Running Back-WEED (Lefse Records)

A fuzzed-out wall of noise signals the beginning of each song and it does not clear until the next one must start, and between these walls is a dreamy pop song that might be about a happy subject, like summer, but the singer’s tone does not let it show. The use of noise and distorted […]

1st Bath- Avid Dancer (Grand Jury)

Some of these songs appeared on Avid Dancer’s EP late last year but most have been given a shape-up that results in a stronger album than the EP presented. Avid Dancer glides across genres seamlessly while maintaining the dream-y guitar pop vibe that gives some of the better songs on the album their edge. The […]

Dreamin’-Hockey Dad (Farmer & the Owl)

Hockey Dad’s Dreamin’ is a great garage pop album full of thrashing power chords ferociously being jammed out as the short melodic verses are spit out before the big chorus sets in. The music is very dream-like, but keeps you awake with the sweetness of the songs. If this were a soda, I do not think it […]


Dynas & Tony Galvin – What Up – Big & Tall LP – AVX Records JR & PH7 & Chuuwee – DueYuu f/ Blu – The South Sac Mac – Below System Records*** JR & PH7 & Chuuwee – Florin Light Rail – The South Sac Mac – Below System Records Grace – You Don’t […]

Ceschi – Broken Bone Ballads

A blend of hip-hop with punk/folk/rock, sometimes mixed and sometimes pure. Angsty, poetry-style lyrics. Rock songs are a bit cheesy but there are some pretty cool moments in the album. Play: 3, 9 More Rockish: 12 FCC Clean RIYL: Sole, Why?, Sage Francis, Grieves

DJ Harrison – Stashboxxx

I read an interview where DJ Harrison said that instead of digging for dusty soul samples, he tries to recreate that same sound and feel with live instruments. He definitely attains that at many moments throughout Stashboxxx. It’s a lo-fi, analog blend of jazz and instrumental soul presented in the form of mostly short snippets […]

Frank Stemper–Blue13

Highly abstract piano pieces, mostly very short, ranging in intensity. Trk 22 low in volume at beginning. Play most!

Juan Pablo Contreras–Silencio en Juarez

Mexican composer Contreras is seeking to compose new Mexican classical music, reflecting the issues in Mexico, and its traditional rhythms. Highly varying–intense to playful.

Brahms–Sonatas for Clarinet and Piano

Gracious, Romantic pieces. Play!

Wondrous Love: Works for Solo Cello

Gracious, flowing pieces by Bloch and Bukvich. Play!

Missy Mazzoli–Vespers for a New Dark Age

Contemporary chamber music composer fuses rock with surreal, choral elements.

Music from America and Abroad for Oboe, Bassoon & Piano

Fun, lilting to sad and gracious pieces by various composers. Play!

Rachel Grimes–The Clearing

Gracious, modern chamber music with piano, harp, percussion, winds and strings. Play!

William Basinski–The Deluge

The pieces “the Deluge” and “the Cascade”, piano with tape delays and loops, with orchestra in parts. Sample due to length.

David Fontanesi–Chamber Music with Flute

Bright, contemporary works for flute with piano & strings.

William Pura–Nemesis, The Statue’s Desire

Highly abstract works for piano (trks 1-6) and interesting pieces for piano, percussion and harmonica (trks 7-9).

Classica Brasiliana

A lovely collection showing the wide range of Brazilian music–samba, bossa nova, cantigas, saudedes, etc. with flute, guitars, mandolin, percussion and more! Play!