White Men Are Black Men Too-Young Fathers (Big Dada)

In a post-Yeezus world, pop music has shifted from simply what we hear on the radio. Young Fathers are fans of pop music and do not stray away from the structure, but the twist they put on it gives it an industrial feel that feels almost like a post-apocalypse pop. The album is political, an easy observation given the album title, but it the undertones are much deeper. The mixture of influences come from the artists themselves who come from various countries but met together in Edinburgh. This album is an indication of pop music that is not only what is popular musically, but it is popular politics too. The topics are all on listeners’ minds with updating news feeds bringing up new stories every minute. The album has dark moments, but also lighter times that come around the middle of the album before diving back to the harsher tones. The beats have an international vibe, which gives the album an “organic” sound but around those beats are harsh, industrial keyboards and bass that are morphed and distorted to give an awesome pop sound.

RIYL: Yeezus, FKA Twigs, TV on the Radio, Gorillaz

TRACKS: 1,2,4,5,7,9,10,

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