Chester Hawkins-Apostasy Suite

Chester Hawkins who is also known as Blue Sausage Infant has released a second album under his real name, a live album titled Apostasy Suite. The music is Ambient Drone and Hawkins’ music is described as “The goal remains the creation of deep and elegant trance states with a glaze of paranoid tension”. While that might sound a bit ominous it does have a certain truth to it. This isn’t light and bubbly Ambient to drift away to. This is darker and deeper and draws you into the murkier side of Ambient. Drones with static (which isn’t overdone as it can be at times) and wobbly synths with occasional whispers add to the tension in the tracks. There’s some straight up synth work as well adding a hypnotic hook that pulls you in. Hawkins has been making music for a long time and this is another solid work from him.

Tracks: 2,3,6

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