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Jurg Frey–More or Less

Avant-garde works for small ensemble that aren’t fully notated, performed by a group that specializes in experimental music. Sample due to length.


The American Horn Quartet performs a wide variety of transcribed pieces–some work better than others.

Hykuu-Keep Dreaming

Keep Dreaming is the second release and the first on the Hush Hush label for artist Hykuu. The music is a mix of Ambient Dance and Electro-Hop with some Found-Sound thrown in. The tracks are fairly mellow but have some solid, chunky beats. Tracks: All Good

Vision Fortune-Country Music

The latest release from Vision Fortune is titled Country Music. The music is experimental with elements of Kraut Rock, IDM, and Post-Punk. These genres are blended with a good deal of electronic production creating a sound that adds a dark, fuzzed out sound to some of the tracks. The overall vibe is one that is […]

Fritz Kalkbrenner-Ways Over Water

Ways Over Water is the latest from Fritz Kalkbrenner. The music is a mix of Disco House and Chicago House with “dusty, distorted drums, Rhodes piano, guitars and melodic bass lines mixed perfectly with modern electronica.” The tracks are upbeat and have a nice mid-tempo beat that will get you grooving nicely. RIYD: Ian Pooley […]


The latest from the Swiss group The latest from the Swiss group Larytta is titled Jura. The music is a mix of Pop Dance and Disco Dance and is very bubbly and upbeat. A few slower tracks are mixed in which helps to break things up. The tracks have creative lyrics and there is a […]

Raz Simone – Cognitive Dissonance: Part II

Slow building and orchestral epics with reflective lyrics from Raz Simone. The album has some really deep, introspective moments over beats that sometimes seem to shift slowly from hip-hop to post-rock. Rap delivery is slow and at times sounds like spoken word but it totally works. The Guitar solo at the end of track 4 […]

Latin American Piano Trios

Latin American composers frequently combined art-music, classical and traditional elements to varying degree. The composers on this disc demonstrate this: Aguila, Fernandez, Sierra, and Piazzolla. Play!

Anna Webber’s Percussive Mechanics–Refraction

Classical/avant-garde works for percussion with strings, sax & piano, some quite jazzy, all fairly abstract.

Janice Webber–Seascapes

A collection of piano pieces by varied composers, all inspired by the sea, various time periods, also. Play!

Figures in a Landscape

Released in 2000, so not new. Marimba and flute performing contemporary pieces, some quite abstract. Play most!


Transcriptions of classical and jazz pieces for guitar quartet by such varied composers as Chopin, Corea, Methany, Schumann and others. Play!

Neil Thornock–Between the Lines

Works for percussion (carillon, drums, vibraphone, marimba, etc.) that are contemporary and abstract and interesting.

Andrew Rudin–Three String Sonatas

Fairly abstract works for duo (string and piano), gracious.

Raffi Besalyan–The Return

Pieces for solo piano, one set by Rachmaninoff, the other by Babajanian (who was influenced by Rachmaninoff). Play!

David Leisner–Facts of Life

A collection of  solo guitar pieces, two by contemporary, one by Bach. Golifjov’s especially lovely!

A Virtuoso Journey

Gracious, Romantic pieces for flute either transcribed opera pieces or originals. Play!

Dom La Nena – Soyo (Six Degrees)

Sweet and singsongy tracks from this young Brazilian cellist/singer/songwriter, whose given name is Dominique Pinto, and who is based in Buenos Aires. The songs exhibit flairs of upbeat indie rock and Latin rhythmic folk, and are written in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English. All the instrumentation is performed by Dom and Brazilian musician Marcelo Camelo, who co-produced […]

Nico Marks — The California-Jamaica Sessions (Santa Juanita)

Poppy rock-reggae from a guy who made it to the 5th round on American Idol in 2007. Relaxed beach tracks for those who are into it — much of it might feel sappy to a non-connoisseur of the genre. RIYL: Sublime, 311, Bob Marley

Honor The People-Casper Loma-da-wa

Casper Lomayesva  with The Mighty 602 Band from Mesa, Az. Casper is the Lyrics master and Voice from Hopi 3rd Mesa.  Reggae with old school consciousness.  If Your Are Ready, track 6 includes a shout out to Vermont Natives!  Play All!

Les Freres Smith – Free to Go (self-released)

A 12-member orchestra from Paris, France with 10 years’ experience specializing in high-energy Afrobeat & Ethiopian-flavored tunes. Fresh, complexly layered compositions played with crisp precision and awe-inspiring coordination between tight, raucous horns, complex percussion & bass, masterful guitar & keyboarding, & redolent vocals. A WRUV exclusive (until others catch on) provided directly from the band. […]

Cameron Siegal & Friends – World Junk (Mola Mola)

High school teacher, composer, & percussionist Siegal leads this 14-member ensemble on a tour de force through beautifully conceived arrangements of his own & others’ Brazilian & African inspired compositions. Strongly infused with jazz & funk, nice violin, cool flute, jazz piano, steel pan(!), prayer bowl(!), & more – really creative and downright gorgeous! Website […]

Roberto Fonseca and Fatoumata Diawara – At Home (Live in Marciac) (Jazz Village)

Cuban jazz pianist/composer Fonseca & outstanding Malian vocalist Diawara went on tour together in Europe, and with five other musicians made this live recording in Marciac (in Southwestern France). It’s a gorgeous meld of Afro-Cuban jazz & soulful Malian blues that blends these two musical traditions synergistically. All tracks are fine! Note: Filed under Fonseca […]

Monoswezi – Monoswezi Yanga (Riverboat)

Another masterpiece from Zimbabwean vocalist & mbira (thumb piano) maestro Hope Masike, singing new interpretations of the Zimbabwean folk songs she grew up with. She is accompanied by a Mozambican percussionist & three Scandinavian musicians who complement the roots music respectfully and beautifully. The band name means: Mozambique (Mo), Norway (No), Sweden (Swe), Zimbabwe (Zi). […]

Mark Ronson – Uptown Special

Play: 6, 9, 5, 2, 8 DO NOT PLAY #4 (Uptown Funk – #1 on Billboard Hot 100 for 10 weeks) FCC: 3 (clean edit, but some questionable lyrics) RIYL: Tame Impala, Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan