Milo Greene – “Control”

On their second album, Los Angeles indie-rock group Milo Greene allows more light to infiltrate their music, avoiding the moody sensibility of their debut, in favor of a more synth-heavy buoyancy that lends to a more propulsive sense to the songs. Nice alternating male/female lead vocals, help to create layered melodies. There’s a danceable feeling throughout, especially on tracks like shimmering pop number “On The Fence” and “Gramercy,” which has an anthemic ‘80s vibe. The overall execution is clean and clear, each note carefully orchestrated, which sometimes results in dampened emotions within the songs. But when Milo Greene hits, they hit with fervor: The ambient “Parents’ House” is reflective and sensitive, as the music and lyrics come together to convey an affecting sense of heartbreak and loss. Even in more light, the band still does darkness well. Very poppy, in the same way Haim & Lucius can be.

Label: Elektra/Chop Shop
FCC: Clean
Play: 2, 3, 6, 7
RIYL: HAIM, Preatures, Lucius

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