Hot Sugar-God’s Hand

The latest from artist Hot Sugar is an album titled God’s Hand. The album is an experiment in Associative Music, which is music that is supposed to create an emotional, Pavlovian response in the listener. I guess you could say that’s the case for all music but it’s his focus here. The music is very experimental and has elements of Ambient, Electro Hop and Found-Sound. He has used hi-tech equipment to record the “resonant frequencies” of a location such as an empty church or abandoned building and amplify these subtle sounds without interference from the recording equipment such as the hiss from a tape or the sounds of the recording equipment itself. The music is subtle and smooth and has good beats and a good flow. My only complaint is that the tracks sound very similar to each other so it gets a little repetitive but there are some nice gems here.

RIYD: Shigeto, Leb Laze

Tracks: All Good

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