Various Artists-Dirtybird 10

It’s hard to believe but it’s been ten years since Claude VonStroke’s label, Dirtybird, was created. To celebrate this, the label has a released a compilation of new music titled Dirtybird 10. The music has its roots in Detroit Techno (Vonstroke, real name Barclay Crenshaw, grew up outside Detroit) but has evolved into what is also called Bay Area House. There’s also a Minimal Techno vibe as well. What sets these tracks apart (besides the clever hooks and infectious beats) from most of the House music these days is that it’s funky and fun to listen to. These are tracks for a BBQ, not a cavernous, darkly lit club. VonStroke has created and nurtured this label into a powerhouse that has gained a legion of followers as well as the respect of the music industry but he still has retained his light-heartedness and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Tracks: All Good except FCC: disc 1, #1 during “safe hours” (10pm-6am), disc 2 #7

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