Smashing Pumpkins – “Monuments To An Elegy”

The 90’s are alive with the sound of Pumpkins. Part of some 44-song prog-rock-opera opus that only Billy Corgan seems to care about, Monuments To An Elegy, is, by far, the closest to vintage Smashing Pumpkins, that Billy Corgan has attempted in some time. Having said that, this a far cry from Siamese Dream. There are a handful of straight-ahead guitar rockers, but they are overshadowed by a large synth presence, and the drumming is lame. Part of the Pumpkins sound has always been big, multi-layerd guitars & huge bombastic drums. Corgan got Tommy Lee to drum on this set, and he brings nothing to the table. Very disappointing effort, but there are a few killer tunes worth exploring.

RIYL: Smashing Pumpkins, Erasure, The Rentals, Being Dissapointed
FCC: Clean
Play: #1, 4, 2

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