Sleater-Kinney – “No Cities To Love”

After a ten year hiatus, the three ladies of Sleater-Kinney have returned with a powerful new album that blows the doors wide open. Propulsive, punk rock with a classic rock edge. Carrie Brownstein isn’t just that funny chick from Portlandia, she also a killer guitarist, and she displays her skills all over this album. Her rifts are such a compliment to singer Corin Tuckers yelping, powerful voice, it’s hard to imagine these guys could ever play without each other. Janet Weiss also happens to be a great rock drummer. As with a lot of female-centric rock bands, there’s a tendency to be condescending and be like, “wow, they really rock….for girls.” But Sleater-Kinney truly is one of the best American punk-rock bands ever, regardless of their gender. Carrie Brownstein could school anyone on the art of the rock guitar rift.
This album is all killer, no filler. No ballads, no slow tunes. All full-force rock anthems. Really quite good. Elements of the Clash, maybe some Pearl Jam, PJ Harvey, and a touch of Pavement. Every song is great.

RIYL: The Clash, Wild Flag, PJ Harvey, Pavement, Bikini Kill
Play: #8, 3, 6, 1, 2, 4, 7
FCC: Clean
Sub Pop

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