Victims of Circumstance- No More Heroes

Victims of CircumstanceNo More Heroes
Release date: 2014Nov03
Label: Financial Records
FCC: 2,4,10
Try: 1, 5,8,11,12
Rating: 4/5

Ska is dead. Or is ska dead? Victims of Circumstance have been skankin’ for ages and lo and behold, their latest dropped into my lap. “Twenty-One” is an unabashed pop punk anthem with only a touch of horns/etc. “Katie” sounds like it could be an ode to a lovely lady or an anthem for a bitch. I couldn’t tell as no lyrics were included. I like it. Holy shit! “To Have and to Hold” sounds an awful lot like the Dance Hall Crashers. Almost too upbeat for me. “Sound and Fury” breaks the sappy mold with a post-punk vibe. “Reggae II” sounds a lot like Sublime while “Ska Punk Girl” sounds like a variation on the punk rock girl theme. I have nothing but kudos for Victims of Circumstance. I’m just at the age where listening to ska reminds me of how jaded I am. I guess ska isn’t dead after all?

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