Lily & Madeleine – “Fumes”

Midwestern sisters Lily & Madeleine return with their second album which is far more expansive than their minimalist debut. The higher production value gives them a way bigger sound, but loses some of the intimacy that made them great in the first place. There are some highlights, like the emotive “Can’t Admit It”, as well as the mystic “The Wolf Is Free”, which flows gently, with swirling instrumentation intersecting the whimsical wordplay. Comparisons to Swedish folk sisters First Aid Kit are obvious, particularly in the tracks “Ride Away” and “Lips and Hips,” while “Peppermint Candy” is a straight-up pop song.

RIYL: First Aid Kit, Lucius, Laura Marling
FCC: Clean
Play: 1, 6, 3, 5
Asthmatic Kitty

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