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Mika Karni & Kol Dodi Ensemble – Ganaul (Centaur)

Musicians from Israel, Yemen, Ethiopia, & Morocco, led by Israeli vocalist (& violinist) Mika Karni, fuse traditional Jewish melodies & folk styles with North African musical elements, sung beautifully in Hebrew with a chorus backing. Note track #5 with Elio Villafranca on piano. Also Cyro Baptista contributes percussion. Title Ganaul means “sealed garden” in Hebrew. […]

Michael Alpert & Julian Kytasty – Night Songs from a Neighboring Village (Oriente)

A project to recreate what might have been the modern music of Jewish Ukraine if not for the fascists & totalitarians of the 20th Century. Undertaken by award-winning scholars Michael Alpert, a renowned Yiddish singer & scholar of the music of the Hasidic world, & Julian Kytasty, a scholar of Ukrainian liturgical music & kobzars […]

Tom Teasley – The Love of the Nightingale (T2)

Our former Cultural Envoy to the Middle East, a master of percussion, returns with another evocative collection of rich sonic tapestries combining traditional & modern rhythms & melodies from the orient, all played by Tom on an array of 15 eastern & western instruments. Inspiring percussion & compositions.

Ex Hex – “Rips”

“Washington DC alt-rock hotshot Mary Timony has been bashing ears in high style for a couple of decades, previously with Helium, Autoclave and Wild Flag, and now with Ex Hex, whose hit-after-hit debut LP is just deliriously great fun – this has got to be the air-guitar album of the year. Drummer Laura Harris and […]

Caribou – “Our Love”

Dan Snaith has described his latest Caribou album as “mind-numbingly simple” – but that does a great disservice to this beautifully strange, subtle music. Although is does seem more simple than some of his past endeavors, that subtly allows for some sweet R&B-based electronic music that sometimes encroaches into PM Dawn territory (which is not […]

We Were Promised Jetpacks – “Unraveling”

Contrary to the album’s title, this is not the sound of a band falling apart. Rather, this is an album made by a band getting their shit together. More mature sounding than their past efforts, We Were Promised Jetpacks have never sounded more cohesive and tight. Being from Scotland, the vocals can’t help but have […]

Hostage Calm – Die on Stage

Quintessential CT band are back! Good ole’ upbeat, jangly, rock n’ roll! Features loud yelling and loud guitars. They’ve got that punk energy but are spitting out really catchy and melodic pop ditties. “12/31” sounds like a Christmas song. FCC CLEAN PLAY ALL! RIYL: Menzingers, Bomb the Music Industry!, Title Fight, Captain, We’re Sinking

Antonio Castrignanò — Fomenta: Ilenu De Taranta (Ponderosa Music/Puglia Sounds)

Tarantella is a group of folk dances from southern Italy, and the typical variety from the region of Puglia’s Salento province (the tip of the Italian boot) is known as pizzica. On this album, Salento-native Antonio Castrignanò — who composed the soundtrack for the (EXCELLENT) 2006 film Golden Door — draws from his southerly roots to craft a pizzica sound both […]

Minus the Bear – Lost Loves

Lost Loves is a new collection of songs pulled from the sessions for Minus the Bear’s last 3 albums – 2008’s Planet of Ice, 2010’s OMNI, and 2012’s Infinity Overhead. This album is easily better than the last two of those three albums, and features some really great songs that mix math rock/prog rock with […]

S – Cool Choices

S is the project of Jenn Ghetto, formerly of the Seattle band Carissa’s Wierd (several of whose members have gone on to bigger things, like Band of Horses). Her latest album Cool Choices is a set of songs that are melancholy, soft and gentle sounding, but with bitter breakup inspired lyrics with occasional profanity (luckily […]

Generationals – Alix

Generationals are back with the follow up to last year’s album Heza. On Alix, they bring us more of their catchy lo-fi pop, but this album is much more synth based than their previous work. It’s nice, feel good music but a little boring compared to their older stuff. It seems like there are too […]

The Kooks – Listen

After a preview of the new album with the Bad Habit EP, British band The Kooks are back with their 4th full length album Listen. For this album, they worked with hip hop producer Inflo. Listen is fairly mainstream sounding even for them, with kind of an updated version of the Madchester sound from the […]

Lowhitey-Alone With My Thoughts

Alone With My Thoughts is an EP from artist Lowhitey. The music is dreamy Ambient with elements of Atmospheric Bass Music which adds an edge of mystery and an urban edge. The album contains four original tracks plus remixes from other Hush Hush artists. Overall a nice mellow album that has a good groove to […]

Ambulaunz-Darkroom Sessions

The third album from artist Ambulaunz is titled Darkroom Sessions. The music still has that “Ambuluanz” sound-dreamy Dance Ambient, but this album has a little more diversity to it this time. There are element s of Minimal Techno, South Asian influences, and Atmospheric Bass Music. These genres are quite popular right now but these tracks […]

Hudson Mohawke-Chimes

Chimes is a four track EP from Hudson Mohawke. The music is a mix of Bass Music and Electro Hop with a hint of Experimentation. The tracks have a strong Synth aspect as well and get you thumpin’. Tracks: All Good


Trick is the second album from artist Kele. The music is based mostly on R&B and Soul but has elements of EDM, Dubstep, and Bass Music. The music is smooth and soulful with good vocals from Kele himself as well as singers Yasmin Shahmir and Jodie Scantlebury. The album took more than two years to […]

Eliot Lipp-Watch The Shadows

Watch the Shadows is the latest from artist Eliot Lipp. The music has been described as Synth Hop which is good description. There are strong Hip Hop elements but those are contrasted with a surprising good Synth Dance backdrop. The combo sounds weird but Lipp masterfully pulls it off here. Tracks: 1,3,4,7

Secret School-Secret School

Seattle based artist, Secret School’s self-titled third release is mostly Atmospheric Bass with elements of Electro Hop and Dance Ambient. The mix creates a sound that is upbeat and dreamy and the Electro Hop adds a nice touch to the tracks. This is a sweet album that has a sound that has an uncommon sound […]

Caribou-Our Love

Our Love is the latest from Caribou. The music has an Ambient Dance/Downtempo vibe and the album is about the complexities of being in a long term relationship. Even though there is a mellow vibe threaded into the album there are some upbeat, bubbly moments as well like on the track “All I Ever Need” […]

Last Vinyl Generation-Orange Light

Orange Light is an EP from Last Vinyl Generation. The tracks are Dance based but have a slower tempo than most Dance but aren’t quite Dance Ambient. The tracks, though, still retain a good dance floor quality to them. Tracks: All Good

Garden City Movement-Entertainment/Bengali Cinema

Debut album from Israeli trio Garden City Movement is a double EP titled Entertainment/Bengali Cinema. The music has an Atmospheric Bass feel and has a mix of upbeat and mellow tracks. There is a Synth Dance aspect mixed in that adds a nice dance vibe to the tracks as well. Overall a smooth, mellow album […]

The Juan MacLean-In A Dream

The Juan Maclean is the combo of Juan Maclean and Nancy Whang and their latest is titled In A Dream. The duo has been around the Synth Dance world for a while but this album re-unites them after a five year hiatus. The music is built for the dance floor and has a pure sound […]

Gazelle Twin-Unflesh

Unflesh is the second album from Elizabeth Bernholz better known as Gazelle Twin. The music is a mix Dance Industrial, IDM and has some Experimental qualities to it. It has an early Skinny Puppy sound-raw, grinding and sharp but also has really good, danceable beats. Her vocals add a different dimension from the usual guttural […]

Sarah Wallin Huff–Soul of the Machine

Interesting contemporary works with violin as central instrument, accompanied with sax, piano or orchestra. Nice with modal counterpoint. Play most!

Ann Southam–Glass Houses, Vol. 2

Minimalist piano pieces a la Philip Glass. Nice!