Hozier – “Hozier”

This is a borderline album in the context of whether we should really be playing it at all. It is very poppy, and seems more apt for other local radio stations. Having said that, this is a really good album. Track 3 (“Jackie and Wilson”) is great, and will probably be a Top 100 song soon, but it’s not contrived, or commercial, garbage. A more soulful John Mayer/Jack Johnson type, Hozier’s voice is great, the songs are impressive & well-written, and his lyrics are Classic Rock-good. Reminds me of Gotye, in that, it’s super popular & over-played, yet everyone kinda liked it.

RIYL: Benjamin Booker, Gotye, INXS, Local Natives,
FCC: None
*Track 1 is a Billboard Hit, Do Not Play
Play: 3, 2, 4, 6, 10

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