S – Cool Choices

S is the project of Jenn Ghetto, formerly of the Seattle band Carissa’s Wierd (several of whose members have gone on to bigger things, like Band of Horses). Her latest album Cool Choices is a set of songs that are melancholy, soft and gentle sounding, but with bitter breakup inspired lyrics with occasional profanity (luckily this copy of the album is edited for radio so all songs are OK to play). This is the basis for her music but it covers a lot of ground: uptempo jangly guitar pop (“Brunch”, “Vampires”), piano ballads (“Remember Love”, “Pacific”), a few that sound like the band Pinback (“Like Gangbusters!”, “Whitehouse”) and even some synth pop (“Tell Me”, “Let the Light In”). It’s a great album that I’m sure will be popular at WRUV.

Play: 6, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9

FCC Clean (Edited Version)

RIYL: Carissa’s Wierd, Cat Power, Alvvays, Frankie Rose

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