Hooray for Earth- Racy

Hooray for Earth is a gritty band mixing airy vocals with distorted guitars and powerful synth. Hailing from New York City, they formed in the mid-2000s and were officially signed in 2008 after release of their EP, Cellophane. Their newest album, Racy is their second full-length album. Hooray for Earth is reminiscent of 80s dance (especially apparent in Track 6, Last, First) and New Wave/Indie Rock. Tracks such as Hey and Airs are for the listeners that enjoy heavy electric guitar distortion and fans of instrumental ambience. On the opposite end of the spectrum, my personal favorite tracks,  Keys and Somewhere Else use a pop beat reminiscent of Broken Bells. Racy is an album that is not easy to categorize, but easy to get lost in.

Play: 2, 4

RIYL: M83, Arcade Fire, Broken Bells

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