Deadmua5-While (1<2).

Deadmua5 is back with a two disc album titled While (1<2). The music is for the most part straight up EDM with some bizarre, melancholy Emo Rock interludes interspersed into the music. There are some really hot dance tracks here but with most things Deadmau5, there seems to be some really sweet gems on his albums and the rest tends to be so bland and stereotypically EDM that you’re left unsatisfied at the end. In this case the more mellow, introspective tracks just don’t mesh well with the rest of the album. If he released these on a separate album or under a different moniker these could be pretty solid tracks but they just clash on this album. As well, the piano interludes in the middle of the EDM songs just doesn’t work, you get a good groove going then suddenly the bottom drops out with these interludes and throws off the pace completely. I think Deadmau5 is a talented guy but it just seems like he can’t quite get it right.

Tracks: Disc 1-1,2,3,5 FCC: 4 Disc 2-3, FCC:4

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