Big Mean Sound Machine – Contraband (Angry Mom)

cover_smHere is the third CD from this 12+ member Afrobeat-jazz-space band from Ithaca, NY that has rocked Burlington on more than one occasion. Included are 9 original, new tracks recorded live during two sessions in Aug & Dec 2013. This band just gets better & better…   NOTE: Track #3 has an FCC violation at the very end –fade out when the talk starts!

Listen to the music here

All Music was written, arranged and is performed by Big Mean Sound Machine, & produced by Angelo Peters of Big Mean Sound Machine

Alicia Aubin // Trombone
Andrew Klein // Drums, Cymbals
Angelo Peters // Electric Bass, Moog, Arp & Aceto Synths
Bobby Spellman // Trumpet
Bryan Davis // Shekere, Effects
Damien Scalise //Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Dan Barker // Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Moog Synths
Dana Billings // Minimoog, Hammond Organ, Percussion
Emily Pecoraro // Flute, Bass Clarinet, Contrabass Clarinet
Jamie Yaman // Tenor Saxophone
Kyle Oestreich // Korg Polysix, Organs, Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Lucas Ashby // Congas, Blocks, Bells, Percussion
Remy Kunstler // Baritone Saxophone

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