The Black Keys – Turn Blue (Nonesuch)

Dan Auerbach is unstoppable. Rocking fun with some psychedelic turns, but holding down the trademark Black Keys’ blues-rock-strum-down. Patrick Carney holds down the beat like the madman he is. A very strong CD, with some upbeat ditties for flipping-your-eggs-in-the-pan, other songs set for dreaming-of-rolling-the-windows-down-in-your-car.

Not as playful or as tenacious as other recent albums. Mature, well crafted, long-stretching rhythm and guitar road tunes & spinny spin-worthy songs. Maybe there’s even some heartbreak in there somewhere. 

Produced by Danger Mouse and Black Keys. 


Try:   9 (10 Lovers), 7 (It’s Up to You Now), 11 (Gotta Get Away), 2 (In Time), 3 (Fever)

FCC 10 (But a GREAT song)

RIYL: Deertick, Black Angels, Duke Spirit



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