Hundred Waters – The Moon Rang Like A Bell

Second album from Gainsville-based quartet. They dub their sound as “Folktronica” and The Moon Rang Like A Bell is a blend of sexy ethereal female vocals with electro-magic harmonies and cavernous beats. Has a haunting, rolling, echoey chamber feeling. Soundtrack for a gondolier rowing through a magnetic canal on the way to see a falling star caught in the trees.

Record label is run by Skrillex.  They have toured with Julia Holter, Alt-J, The xx


Recommended Tracks:

3 (Cavity), 1 (Show Me Love — great accapella song), 2 (Murmurs), 11 (Xtalk), 4 (Out Alee), 8 (Down From the Rafters) 


RIYL: Imgoen Heap, Alt-J, Braids, Burial, MMoths




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