Year of the Dragon EP


Fucked UpYear of the Dragon EP
Release date: 2014April15
Label: Tankcrimes
Rating: 4.5/5

This EP is part of the Zodiac series of EPs from Toronto’s Fucked Up. For those not familiar, Fucked Up has been described as a “prog-punk” band due to their willingness to push out the boundaries of punk rock itself. I was blown away by their 2011 full-length release, David Comes to Life and I’m looking forward to their upcoming release, Glass Boys on Matador Records. The EP opens with the title track, “Year of the Dragon”. Before you listen to this track, take everything that you always knew about punk rock/post-punk and the fucking window. 18 minutes of inspired noodling that would be at home on an Alan Parsons Project release or something like that. There’s a decent amount of interplay between guitar, bass and drums. “I Wanna Be A Yank” is a faithful cover of the same track from obscure Toronto band, Cardboard Brains, while, “Disorder” is a cover of the track by another obscure Toronto band, The Ugly. The former is fast-paced, in your face ’77 style while the latter sounds like a cross between early DOA and the Sex Pistols.  If you see the Year of the Dragon EP, STEAL IT (Disclaimer: the following command is not sanctioned by WRUV!)

Fun Fact: I ow a 7″ single with Kozik artwork that includes a cover of “Pretty Vacant” by The Ugly with the flip side being “New York Groove” by Sofisicatos.

FCC: Check as no lyrics could be found online
Try: ALL
RIYL: DOA, The Ugly, Fucked Up (of course!)


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