“The Now Sound For Today’s Lovers” / ” Turn Of The Century” A Split from Jerry Paper and Andy Boay

a3927977017_10Two albums for the packaging and promo material of one!! Once again Jerry Paper shines with his smooth and distinct pop sound. Aptly titled “The Now Sound For Today’s Lovers” is four tracks of beautiful blippy, bloppy, real, (sometimes) uplifting, and sincere love songs. Each carries with it that Jerry Paper feel and a groove so deep you might slip into another world. On the Andy Boay side we’re treated to something very different but equally as moving and engaging. “Turn of the Century” is a psychedelic journey from one song to the next, each of which blends into the next, one of Andy Boay‘s great skills is his ability to maintain a thread through is music which makes the listener feel like they’re being told a story. His music provides a journey with ups, downs, asides, and trippy interludes, at times it feels like you’ve lost control but don’t worry because Andy’s got ya and it’s all gonna be alright, just enjoy yourself.

You can catch both bands on tour if you’re going to Europe over the next couple months.

Play All! FCC clean!

RIYL: Zonotope, Eola, Tonstartssbandht, High Rise II, Sugar Boys, Beach Boys, Steve Jr., Neogeo.


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