TOY // Join the Dots

toy-announce-new-album-join-the-dots_300_300_80_s_c1     Join the Dots is the second album from this psychedelic London quintet, an ambient, ethereal experience meant to calm and hypnotize. The album begins with a 7-minute gradual introduction called “Conductor.” Beginning slow and quiet, it slowly slips the listener into the rest of the album, where the band experiments with effects and pays homage to psychedelic rock of the 60s and 80s. Although Join the Dots has a finely-tuned flow, the album overall falls flat as far as innovation is concerned. “Endlessly” stands out as a slightly more upbeat and interesting tune, but the album remains largely the same throughout. Toy works very well into the subgenre of “shoegazing.” A combination of noise rock and ambient that emerged the late 1980s describes the musicians as standing relatively still in an introspective, detached state. Recommended for a late night show to cool down listeners.

Play: 6, 2, 5, 7, 8

RIYL: The Horrors, Crocodiles, Of Montreal, Explosions in the Sky

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