POW! // High Tech Boom

CF-029cover_1024x1024    Pow!’s first album, High Tech Boom is a messy, heavy, turbulent collection of tracks that is perfectly defined by the genre of garage rock. This band originating from San Francisco is inspired by post-punk revival and has a very lo-fi underground feel. Most noticeable is their heavy use of synth to create a static, white noise to their tracks. Best track is definitely “Hope Dealers,” which is unfortunately an FCC violation. “@ the Station” is an interesting break from the rest of the tracks, bringing with it a more blues-y vibe with heavy bass and echoing lyrics. “Sugi Walks” is a funkier track that also stands out. High Tech Boom definitely incorporates a wide variety of influences from punk to blues and creates something that pulses through your body. The album could use a some variety and few tracks may be a little grating to hear on the radio, such as “Switchboard Scientists.” However, don’t be afraid to try them out if you are in the mood for something a little rough around the edges.

FCC: 2

Play: 4, 8, 9

RIYL: Total Control, The Rumble Strips, The Black Keys, The Ramones

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