together PANGEA – Badillac


Angsty, brazen, and ready to rock. This is together PANGEA’s 3rd LP, and I guess this edgy, angry thing is their niche. While the first half of the album is alarmingly fast-paced, it slows down a bit by 6, “Offer,” to showcase some sleazy/sludgy guitar riffs and oomph. (It’s a shame 5 and 8 are unplayable because they’re arguably the best tracks – check them out for yourself)

FCC: 5, 8 (Also 12 has a secret track at the very end that has a FCC violation… so be careful)

PLAY! #2, 3, 4, 9, 10 especially

RIYL: FIDLAR, King Tuff, the Audacity, Cosmonauts

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