The Melismatics – Rising Tide

Rising Tide, the latest album from The Melismatics, is a mix of power-pop with slick production, keyboards and shared male/female lead vocals. The Melismatics don’t sound much like the current alt-pop-rock dominating the modern rock stations; instead this is music that will make you nostalgic for your teen years. There are some good songs, while others songs aren’t so great, but there are quite a few you sould check out. Highlights include “Crawl, Baby, Crawl” which will give you a good taste of what The Melismatics are about, “Cocoon” which is an upbeat confection that shows this band at their best, and “Gravity”, a guitar-driven gem that recalls some of the indie bands of the late 90’s/early 00’s. The two biggest missteps on this album are “Halo” with its awkward, Beyonce-referencing chorus that may or may not be intentional, and the attempt at Oasis balladry on “If You Want War”. Overall, this album may not be the most original music out there, but it is very catchy and likable for the most part.

RIYL: Shiny Toy Guns, Royal Teeth, Ash

Play: 1, 4, 6, 9, 10

FCC Clean

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