Truth, Love & Liberty


FM359Truth, Love & Liberty
Release date: 2014Jan14
Label: Pirates Press
Rating: 3.5/5

FM359 is a side project of former Dropkick Murphys frontman and current Street Dogs frontman, Mike McColgan. It also features another former member of the DKM in Rick Barton (Continental). The press release describes it as a folksy take on punk rock and indeed it is. “Some Folks” is light with a decent folksy twang that makes you want to get your Do-Si-Do on. Or not. “I’ll Be On My Way” channels McColgan’s other projects, sounding almost like a ripoff at first. Sickly sweet. “A Little Sign” would make a good track to scope on the road. Other tracks that stand out to me include “When The People Check Out” (catchy and twang-y), “Restless Man” (more pop than folk) and “Sons of Liberty No.1” (toe-tapping, head-swooning goodness). I wasn’t expecting much from this release but I’m grateful that it didn’t turn into a complete ripoff of the DKM. In fact, if there isn’t any bad blood between all 3 groups, then I would suggest a stateside tour. I know that my brother would get a kick out of it.

FCC: Clean
Try: 1,2,3,5,8,10

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