The SwordApocryphon
Release date: 2012Oct22
Label: Razor & Tie
Rating: 3/5

Apocryphon is the first album that doesn’t feature  original drummer Trivett Wingo, as well as their first release on Razor & Tie.  “The Veil of Isis” further reflects the move away from their doom metal slumber, showcasing the drum hooks of Jimmy Vela.  “The Hidden Masters” incorporates a touch of bluesy riffs, making it the ideal choice for a lazy Saturday afternoon.  “Dying Earth” and “Eyes of the Stormwitch” stand out among the rest of the tracks for their emphasis on melody and in the case of the latter, crushing riffs. “Hawks  & Serpents” has an 80s power metal feel to it. Even though the title track has a decent intro, there’s not much else to separate it from other tracks.  If you’re looking for a better way to describe the change in sound, check out Willie Strausser’s review of Warp Riders from 2010. For their next release, I would like to see The Sword go back to basics, namely their pre-2010 output.

FCC: Clean
Try: 1, 4,5,8,9

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