Bombay Dub Orchestra – Tales from the Grand Bazaar (Six Degrees)

BDOGary Hughes & Andrew Mackay (who formed the BDO) have done a lot of film work recently (Marathon Boy (HBO), Ballad Of Rustom (India), Josh (Pakistan), Project Happiness, featuring the Dalai Lama) and it shows in their new work; here are atmospheric arrangements mixing electronica with Middle Eastern & Indian instrumentation, scales, & vocals, designed to evoke imagery of far away lands. Uniformly laid back & contemplative.

“Music creates something visual. When you have a subject matter of a piece of music, you automatically start having visions. From the day I left music college, I was doing music to picture in some way; for both Garry and myself there has always been an integral connection between music and images.”  –Andrew Mackay, Bombay Dub Orchestra

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