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Long Long Ago- The Storytellers

These popular stories are told by Ken Quiet Hawk and Deborah New Moon Rising with original flute songs  by David Searching Owl.  The Oral Tradition, track 1 explains story telling.  Wisdom of Elders expressed in track 6 and 4.  All ages can enjoy!  These folks are Abenaki residing in New Hampshire.

Just For The Fun Of It-Black Hawk Singers

New Songs in Western Abenaki Language on Tracks 9 and 12.  This style of drum is Eastern Style with voices harmonizing and the big drum like the carrying wave will move you to join the dance!  Can be found playing for some of the Pow Wows in New Hampshire, Vermont and on Facebook for more […]

Shawn Holt and the Teardrops: Daddy Told Me

The son of Magic Slim takes his departed daddy’s place to good effect, sounding quite a bit like his father, who passed away in early 2013. “Lil’ Slim” uses only a thumb pick for his guitar and plays without any backing from horns or keyboard players, leading to a spare, somewhat minimalist sound that nonetheless […]

Jesse Dee: On My Mind / In My Heart

Boston-based soul singer records his first for Alligator (though not his first overall) with a distinctly R&B sound. He has the sound of a new singer but is soulful nonetheless. (Alligator Records)

Anders Osborne: Peace

A diverse album from the New Orleans guitarist: folksy, acoustic & electric guitar, rock/pop, and more. Nicely original, upbeat and often minor-chord downbeat with an expansive feel. Alligator Records

Dedication–The Music of Howard Quilling

Contemporary, lyrical yet “off” pieces, changing tempi within, for viola, piano and/or sax  or orchestra.

Robert DeGaetano–Concerto & Chopin

Pianist/composer DeGaetano performs his concerto no. 1 (abstract, slow starts) and Chopin’s Concerto no. 1. Sample

Ginastera & Boieldieu–Harp Concertos

The harp is rarely used as a solo instrument in orchestral works since it is drowned out. These works are unusual in that their structures and performance allow the harp to be soloist. Works are classical or modern. Play most!

Icelandic String Quartets

A collection of pieces from Icelandic composers from late 19th century on to contemporary. Mostly very abstract except for Palsson’s works.

George Perle–String Quartets

Like Schoenberg, abstract and very much into strings and 12 tone tonality.

John McDonald–Airy (Music for Violin & Piano)

Pianist/composer McDonald performs his pieces that were imagined from words/poems. Abstract, contemporary, mostly very short and interesting in rhythms and textures. Play most!

Paul Hindemith–Little Chamber Pieces

Interesting works, abstract yet lyrical with some dissonance, for clarinet, trumpet and trio with heckelphone (oboe-like with a lower octave).  Play most!

Couloir–Wine Dark Sea

Contemporary works for the unusual duo of harp and cello. Mostly ethereal except trks 3 & 4 more vigorous. All pieces commissioned by the Couloir. Play or sample due to length.

Camille Saint-Saens–Complete Chamber Music with Winds

Impressionistic works for wind (trumpet, bassoon, oboe, clarinet, flute. Trk 7, CD1 and trks 1 & 4 CD 2 well known. Some lovely pieces here. Play!

Giacinto Scelsi–The Violin Works 10

Very abstract, minimalist works for solo violin, some quite squeaky,  others lyrical.

Jacob Druckman–Lamia

Contemporary dated pieces yet a few are arrangements of Baroque works by Cavalli & Charpentier. Also songs for soprano. Trks 1 & 3 contemporary for  orchestra. Try trks 2-5, 7.

Erik Lotichius–Mood Indigo

“Light” classical, jazz inflected pieces for orchestra. Title work is a take on Ellington’s Mood Indigo in different tempi. Also a few songs with soprano and 1 concerto for piano/orchestra.

Jim Fox–Black Water

One long minimalist piece for 3 pianos–minimalist, staccato with breaks of melody–probably exhausting for the pianist.

Sergio Cervetti–Wind Devil & Co.

Electronic & synthesizer music for experimental dance. Some curious, machine-like, others not.

Save Me A Lead-Young Spirit

Songs are song in vocables, Plains Cree and English.  These Round dance Songs are part of winter socials and a favorite band Young Spirit are a Northern Drum group with unique style that will have the whole family dancing!  High Voices and Big Drum!!  Track 5 has a verse with just voice beautiful.


Each set of has 4songs with water drum accompaniment and gourd.  Kevin Yazzie has learned to sing from “The Great Pow Wow Circle” he says and The Native American Church. He composes Medicine songs and these are all originals.  Track 7 is  the title track, Charity.  Mr Yazzie is giving thanks in this song to […]

Loyalty To The Drum- Northern Cree

.  All songs sung in vocables and  Plains Cree language.  The composers of each song have written stories that explain the songs.  Crow Deals (track 12) talks about feeding the crow and prairie dogs snacks.  All tracks recorded live at Rocky Boy Pow Wow.  From Saddle Lake Cree First Nation Northern Style Drumming with 30 […]

Rokia Traore – Beautiful Africa (Nonesuch)

DJs at WRUV were awe-struck by the beautiful 2009 release from this Malian guitarist, singer, & songwriter. Her intricate vocal arrangements & guitar virtuosity were incredible. Now she’s back with ALL that plus tasteful instrumental support from her 8-piece rock band. The result is a startlingly fresh & beautiful collection of contemporary West African music […]

Mamadou Kelly – Adibar (Clermont)

This is not just another blues guitarist from Mali… This guy is amazing! For decades he played with Ali Farka Toure and other top Malian musicians. Yet this recording by Kelly and his band Bankaina is the first under his own name. Other band members are Malian stars as well, and include Alpha Ousmane “Hama” […]

ANTH: Ghana – Afrobeat Airways 2: Return Flight To Ghana 1974-1983 (Analog Africa)

Samy Ben Redjeb, the highly selective & persistent crate-digger at Analog Africa, has collected & restored another great batch of obscure tracks from ’70s & ’80s Ghana; an audio record of chance collaborations, unreleased demos, & undiscovered stars. A super 13-track collection of Afrobeat, Afro-funk, & highlife music designed to keep you bouncing on the […]