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PART GOSPEL, PART FOLK, THE GROUP EVOKES BASEMENT REVIVALS, AND POST-CHURCH, FRONT PORCH JAMS. WITH PIANO, TAMBOURINE, ORGAN, SOUTHERN MALE SPOKEN WORD AND DEEP, HEARTY FEMALE CROONING. CITY PAGES: “The eight hymn-like folk spirituals on Southwire’s self-titled debut come alive via Small’s plaintive and soulful vocals, a mix of lyrical spoken word and booming singing from […]



The Paper Kites – “Young North – EP”

Australian folk-rockers bring it on their latest EP.  Really catchy tunes and awesomely tight harmonies bring to mind almost every other Blind Pilot-esque band of the past few years.  The songs are all really good, but a few may appear in shows like Grey’s Anatomy real soon, which might tell you all you need to […]

WRUV Rock Singles – SEPT 2013 MIX 1

WRUV Rock Singles – SEPT 2013 MIX 1 1. Nine Inch Nails – Come Back Haunted [columbia] 2. Slow Skies – Close [faction] 3. The so So Glos – Lost Weekend [votiv] 4. TV on the Radio – Mercy [federal prism] 5. Grouplove – Ways to Go [atlantic] 6. Fur Trade – Voyager [last gang] […]

Body Music

London duo, ALUNAGEORGE have a fantastic debut record “Body Music” that merges soul and pop. You will dig this. FCC: none Play, 1, 2, 3 RIYL: LionBabe, Disclosure

Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

Franz Ferdinand’s 4th album “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action” is pretty darn good. Get your scottish brit rock on with these guys. FCC: #2 PLAY: 1, 5, 10 RYL: The National ###

Various – Vintage France

Many French artists, young and old, come together to celebrate classic French music in styles such as chanson, musette and Gypsy swing. Includes music that could be heard in cafes and nightclubs in the 1940s influenced by the politics and literature of that time. Also features songs and artists that often sing about war and […]

Various – Women of Brazil

A very mellow collection of some of Brazil’s most familiar female singers as well as a few new, young artists. A nice mix of music styles from traditional bossa and samba to more contemporary jazz and reggae sounds. Features Clara Moreno, the daughter of legendary Brazilian singer Joyce Moreno, and Mart’nália, the daughter of great […]

BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet – From Bamako to Carencro

This is the twenty-fifth release of BeauSoleil’s recording career. It includes a range of styles and influences including Afro-zydeco, Cajun, jazz, country and bluegrass sung in English, French and Louisiana Creole. The title references the musical and cultural connection between Louisiana and Mali. You can also hear the fiddle, mandolin, ukulele, banjo and accordion on […]

The Dodos – Carrier

  The Dodos 5th album, Carrier, is much different from their previous releases. Deciding to “start over”, singer/guitarist Meric Long began focusing on lyrics before music and created the album with his guitar as his only instrument. The result is an honest, melancholy rock album lacking the electronic-pop sound the Dodos once had. Play: 5, 3, 4, […]

Porcelain Raft – Permanent Signal

    Porcelain Raft’s new album, Permanent Signal, is hazy pop-rock mixed with organic elements like piano and cello. Moving away from the electronic sound we’ve heard in previous releases, Permanent Signal is a new approach to Porcelain Raft’s music. With gentle vocals and instruments, Permanent Signal, is as vivid as a waking dream. Play: 2, 5FCC: CleanRIYL: Blouse, Lower […]

The Pursuivant EP

Black Magician– The Pursuivant EP Release date: 20130830 Label: Svart Records Rating: 4/5 Black Magician hail from the UK and play a retroactive form of masonic-themed doom metal, free of modern pretension with a touch of folk. It’s an improvement over the tired devil worshiper/medieval knight themes used by similar artists. “The Pursuivant” is a […]

Archipelago of Light

Brazilian works for piano ( Villa-Lobos, Piazzolla, Ginastera). Nice!

Boston Circa 1900

A collection of works for violin & piano by composers associated with Boston. That turn of the last century sound. Trk 6 lovely.

Alejandro Moreno–Acrylic & Oil

Highly abstract, yet accessible works for violin, viola, clarinet, accordion or piano. Accordion pieces ominous.

Chamber Music by Jacques Ibert

A lovely collection of impressionistic pieces for strings quartet, some with harp or double bass. Trk 13  known. Play most!

Michael Gandolfi–From the Institutes of Groove

A mix of contemporary pieces, jazzy to “classical” to quiet, with sax and bassoon.

Dorothy Hindman–Tapping the Furnace

Contemporary/avant-garde works for various instruments (sax, guitar, orchestra, piano or cello). Try trks 1, 3, 5 or sample.

Sprung Rhythm

Referencing a poetic term meaning to imitate the cadence of human speech, these works are contemporary (some with voice), interesting. Play most! Trks 13-18 eerie as would be expected in reflecting landscapes by  the fantasist/ horror writer Lovecraft.

Le Merle Noir

Saxophonist Idit Shner’s 2nd release, accompanied with piano on most tracks. Modern to contemporary pieces by Bozza, Glass, Messiaen and others. Play most!

Nordic Spring

Lovely collection of romantic works by Nordic composers. Play most! Trks 8, 13 & 14 (known) are especially lyrical.

Little Comets – “Life Is Elsewhere”

British indie-rock trio’s second album is a big step forward from their last album.  Life Is Elsewhere has far superior songs and a much tighter sound.  Excellent musicianship overpowers the 80’s vibe that has carried over with them from their debut, but since the catchiness doesn’t veer too far into the pop realm, the fun […]

Crocodiles – “Crimes of Passion”

Garage rock/psych pop that’s joyous and complex. Gospel choruses, piano, sax freak-outs, spoken word finales, distorted vocals, grooving bass lines, simple garage-rock guitar riffs are all featured on an album that begins with Phoenix-esque pop anthems and closes with the Deerhunter‘s brand of garage rock. “Teardrop Guitar” is a wobbling psych tune, “I Like it […]

No Age – “An Object”

Noise punk that’s been toned down and expanded. Slightly more accessible than No Age’s previous work, the ‘noise’ on this album is more recessed and condensed. The vocals and instrumentals are detached, the vocals are laid-back and the instrumentals are crackling and distorted. Many of the tracks seem to get stuck on the build-up, but […]

Sombear-Love You In The Dark

Debut album from Now Now Drummer Brad Hale (under the moniker Sombear) is titled Love You In The Dark. The music is a mix of Electro Alternative with a Dark Synth edge to it. The tracks are a tad bland but overall this is a solid debut from Sombear. RIYD: Miike Snow Tracks: 2,3,7,8