Caged Animals is Vincent Cacchione, a New Jersey-born Italian living in Brooklyn. Known previously for the nearly noir folk-rock of former band, Soft Black, Cacchione carries a strong songwriting gene in his Caged Animals brand of glitch-friendly pop; he’s equally inspired by the classicism of John Lennon’s solo material, as he is by the melancholic R&B twist of James Blake or Frank Ocean, and carries the perfect fusion of Chad VanGaalen’s raw & pop qualities. An intimate yet grand pop record. Featuring an expertly eclectic mix of sing-along anthems, from gospel-influenced alt-soul, up-tempo synth or axe-wielding stompers, to brooding experiments

PLAY: 1, 3, 4, 5

RIYL: Darwin Deez, DIIV, Soft Black & Small Black

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