Red Over Red


Bathroom Rehab CorporationRed Over Red
Release date: 2013Jan22
Label: The Telegraph Recording Company
Rating: 4/5

Originally released back in January (but did not receive until recently), Red Over Red is the debut album from CT duo Adam Wutjewicz (bass & vox) and Meghan Killimade (drums). Their sound is described as being similar to Kyuss, Sleep and Clutch among others. The riffs in “S.S Hangover (Sobering Sickness)”  tie together a time signature that brings to mind a marriage between Seattle grunge and traditional stoner rock. “Basilosaurus” charges right at you with excellent bass hooks and drumming. It’s hard to believe that this is a duo and not a 3 or 4 piece band. “All Hands” shows off Meghan’s excellent drum work. “Captain Dammit”  and “Gone By The Board” throw in a touch of Sabbathesque gloom, which is far more expansive on the latter. “Caught In The Bite” dials up the sludge, plodding at key points. “Splice The Main Brace” seems influenced by early Stone Temple Pilots. There’s definitely something for every fan of sludge, grunge and doom in this release. Bathroom Rehab Corporation are a promising duo that you should definitely check out.

FCC: 2
Try: 3, 5,6,7,11

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