Missing Monuments


Missing MonumentsSelf-Titled
Release date: 2013Jul30
Label: Dirt Nap Records
Rating: 5/5

Missing Monuments are fronted by King Louie Bankston, who hails from Louisiana. He also fronted King Louie’s Loose Diamonds with Jack Oblivian and Harlan T. Bobo. “Answer The Call” immediately brings to mind a cross of street rock and pop. Tracks that blew my mind include “Another Girl” (it should be a crime for music to be this upbeat!), “(You Are) Dead to Me” (brilliant, a cajun twist on Berkeley pop punk), “Tru Lov” (hints towards The Supremes before branching out into soulful pop), “Crash Landing” (reminiscent of both the Stiff Little Fingers and Stranglers,,,energetic), “Go Away” (now THIS is how you worship The Ramones!) and “Heart and Soul” (reminiscent of early-Clash). Fuckin’ A, can these guys play or what? If you don’t check out this album, I’ll track you down and scold you!

FCC: None
Try: 1,3,4,7,8,10

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