La Machine – “Phases & Repetition”

Reissue of drum-centric underground psych-rock from mid-90’s cassette debut:  Follow our story…In the early 90’s, Providence, RI group Six Finger Satellite were on Sub Pop. The group’s drummer, Rick Pelletier, recorded & engineered for Arab On Radar a few times. Rick had a short lived project named La Machine…Many don’t know, but the mastermind behind Thee Oh Sees & Castleface – John Dwyer – is from Providence, RI, where he was buds with RISD’s Fort Thunder. As such, Castleface is reissuing the group’s messy, ugly, wonderful, beautiful Phases & Repetition. “Rock Crash” pulses with delay & hazy waverings. Long, lo-fi fuzz jam “Sucks To Come Down” sounds like it was recorded live on the outskirts of hell, while closer “Who Is He?” ends up cut-up & warbling.
PLAY: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7
RIYL: White Fence, Lightning Bolt, Six Finger Satellite & Arab On Radar

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