Home By Hovercraft – “Are We Chameleons?”

Home By Hovercraft is a five-piece indie band from Dallas, Texas who are influenced by classical music as well as more modern indie rock. In addition to having one the best band names I’ve heard this year, they have a very original sound that is driven by piano and drums, and also includes other unusual instruments such as violin, xylophone and even step dancing, but no guitars or bass. Lead singer Seth Magill has a very rich baritone that is comparable to the lead singer of Editors. Be sure to check this album out, there isn’t a single bad song on here. Some of the highlights are “Rocket” (the most radio-friendly song on here) “Out Of My Head With It” (which sounds influenced by British folk) and “Zoo Lion” (my favorite song on here at the moment, but sadly is the one with an FCC warning).


Recommended: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11

FCC: 8

RIYL: The National, Beirut, Editors, Cold War Kids



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