Transplants- In A Warzone


TransplantsIn A Warzone
Release date: 2013Jun25
Label: Epitaph Records
Rating: 4/5

For those not familiar, The Transplants are a side project of Tim Armstrong (Rancid, Tim Timebomb) and Travis Barker (Blink 182) with Skinhead Rob as the third man. Their last album had more of a hip-hop influence. On In A War Zone, they return to their punk roots. The title track is a decent opener that sets the pace: raw, visceral and the combination of Armstrong and Skinhead Rob on vox works like a charm. Ditto for “Back To You”. Other tracks that stood out to me were “Come Around” (faster tempo with the “wall of sound” effect from Barker on drums), “Something’s Different” (Equipto and Bun B lend their vox to this track, which in turn gives it a decent early 90s hip-hop feel), “It’s a Problem” (Paul Wall and Rancid’s Matt Freeman (!) show up for a thick, bass-heavy it!) and “Gravestones and Burial Plots” (fast-paced stomper with a heavy emphasis on balls-to-the-wall punk rock).  My only gripe is that they could have cut down on 1 or 2 tracks to make a much tighter album. I’m satisfied otherwise and even though I haven’t been digging much punk lately, I recommend this if you’re a fan of their older material. Glad to see Travis Barker back in top form!

FCC:  Check as no lyrics provided
Try: 1,3,4,5,9, 11

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